So Spotify has a New Music Friday feature and honestly, it’s glorious. If you’re in the market for new music it can be a no-brainer. But what if it’s NOT Friday? and WHAT if you don’t want to sift through hundreds of genre-less tracks just to find a bop you can bank? Well, that’s literally why you have us; your ever-faithful, incredibly tasteful Don’t Bore Us crew.

Here are 10 must-listen tracks that are fresh out of the oven. Turn that shiz up son.

1. Hoodie – Hey Violet

Biographical, smooth, and lyrically brilliant. Welcome back Hey Violet!

2. Edge of the Night – Sheppard

Perfect. Roadtrip. Bop. That’s all. We’re all about the random hilarious deep-voice interludes.

3. Perfect Places – Lorde

The final track from Melodrama – the newest record from our NZ queen. One of those songs that you can learn the words to in like 10 minutes and scream from your bedroom window when you’re in a mood.

4. 13 – LANY

Our favs are back with more of their chilled out, acoustic vibes. A+ Guitar solos too.

5. Thunderbird – Babeo Baggins

A slick, fast-moving track that has “workout playlist” written all over it. Grab your cowboy hat and clap along with this ditty. We love this babe.

6. I’m Stuck – Noah Cyrus

With her own sound coming out more and more, we’re loving the brilliantly catchy tunes coming out of the younger Cyrus sister. Half a steel-drum jam, half a dance anthem… need a new favourite tune? We Noah girl.

7. Party On Apocalypse – New Found Glory

PARTY ANTHEM that makes fun of party anthems. YES PLEASE. This 90’s inspired sound is somewhere between old school Blink 182 and McFly/Busted? Check out our interview with NFG here 

8. What’s Wrong – PVRIS

You guys know we’re fans of PVRIS, we even tracked them down for a casual game of Musictionary (Music Pictionary. Duh). This is their new track and it’s firrrrrrre.

9. Mended – Vera Blue

With a voice that will literally give you goosebumps, this song is intensely personal and gorgeously produced. Great for a rainy day.

10. 100 Letters – Halsey

“Cause I have spent too many nights on dirty bathroom floors
To find some peace and quiet right behind a wooden door”

Halsey giving us another thought-provoking-but-hella-catchy track. What can’t this woman do?

Check out our playlist!

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