Honestly, this is one of those stories you sit down to write and end up just staring blankly at the screen for ages, because how is this an actual thing that is happening? In 2017’s strangest argument of the year to date, famed Shrek-soundtrack band Smash Mouth have taken to twitter in what can only be described as absolutely bizarre behaviour.

The whole thing started with a Twenty One Pilots fan tweeting Smash Mouth:

(I mean, they aren’t actually wrong- a quick look at the songwriting and composition credits does prove that Tyler Joseph is the Twenty One Pilots mastermind).

Anyway, not able to leave well-enough alone (or perhaps revelling in being relevant outside of the Shrek franchise?) Smash Mouth continued to argue with Twenty One Pilots fans on Twitter:

And basically, it all came down to one super childish moment, where Smash Mouth apparently reached their limit on fighting with Twenty One Pilots fans on the internet:

Heck. They did also admit to thinking Josh Dun is a stud, in what can only be described as the strangest tweet to come from a band this year:

Look, we don’t know either.

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