We hope that you’re sitting down right now, because Brand New have announced a new record, their first in eight years, but there’s a very real possibility it may just be their last.

Taking to Facebook today, Brand New shared a very short post announcing a new, as yet untitled record, due to be released in October. The group’s post says that the record is set to be shipping October, and they’ve opened up pre-orders for the record’s “very limited” vinyl release.

While this is of course amazing news, fans are undoubtedly treating this news with a little bit of caution. You might remember back in June of 2016, the group began selling new merch which featured the band’s name, followed by the years ‘2000 – 2018’.

Since then, the group played some new shows, one of which saw Jesse Lacey scare fans by stating “We’re done. Oh yeah, we’re done, and it makes nights like this all the more special so thanks for being here,” before announcing that the album they had planned to release last year had been cancelled.

While the band hasn’t addressed their potential breakup directly since, cryptic statements made by the band have left fans feeling uneasy, and pretty damn sad about the group’s potential breakup.

However, the band have sweetened the deal though, announcing US and UK tour dates that will keep them for the next three months. Could we see an Australian tour tacked on to the end of it? Well, we’re hoping like you wouldn’t believe, that’s for sure.

While Brand New haven’t released any new singles from their upcoming record yet, check out the absolute classic ‘Jesus Christ’, below.

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