You know what they say, “blood is thicker than water” and maybe that’s the reason why these bands are so hecking good. Don’t Bore Us takes a look at eight bros in bands!

My Chemical Romance

Not purposely starting with one of our fav bands of all time (ok, yeah we are), Gerard and Mikey of MCR. From the “wrong” side of Jersey, these guys are everything right in this world. Witnessing the World Trade Centre attacks, Gerard was compelled to start expressing his emotions through music and teamed up with guitarist Ray Toro. Mikey, obvs Gerard’s little bro and epic on bass joined the band suggesting they be called My Chemical Romance after reading the book by Irvine Welsh named Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance. And here we are today, waiting for a god damn reunion tour.

Good Charlotte

Also known these days as The Madden Brothers, Joel and Benji from Good Charlotte are identical twins. We’ll be first to admit we get them mixed up, but so does their mum! Benji says he often answers to “Joel” and “it happens every day… Our mom even does it.” (It’s spelt mum, you American.)

The Jonas Brothers

If you try and tell me you haven’t seen Camp Rock, are you also the kid in preschool who knew Santa wasn’t real? If so, you’ve had a deprived childhood. Kevin, Joe and Nick make up the Jonas Brothers, and they found fame through Disney. Prepare to be shook… Kevin’s real name is actually Paul. PAUL! My life has been a lie.

Pierce the Veil

Say hello to Vic and Mike Fuentes! Pierce the Veil was formed by the bros in 2006 after the disbandment of the group Before Today. They’ve since released four studio albums, Collide with the Sky being the best. Don’t even try and argue with me.


Adam, Jack and Ryan Met form the indie-pop band AJR, and I’m Ready for these guys to drop their new album The Click… (See what I did there? ?). Fortunately the album came out TODAY and we are LIVING (and annoying the entire office by playing it on repeat). They’re influenced by bands like TWENTY ØNE PILØTS, Vampire Weekend and Imagine Dragons. HERE FOR IT. Listen to their new album immediately, because we guarantee they’re gonna be a new fav, if you don’t love them already:

Thirty Seconds to Mars

Let’s be honest, if you were Jared and Shannon Leto’s parents you’d be proud AF. The siblings have been the consistent formula in Thirty Seconds to Mars, having three different members since starting in 1998. They’ve sold over 15 million albums worldwide, oh and Jared has had a full blown movie career on the side. No big deal.


Echosmith not only has the bros, we’ve got a sister!! The band originally formed as a quartet of siblings until Jamie left in 2016, leaving the line-up as Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota. If you haven’t listened to the live version of Cool Kids from their Spotify Session, you need to take a long hard look at yourself.

Anddddd, while they aren’t “bros in bands” we’re obsessing over them…

Hey Violet

Rena and Nia Lovelis are two of the most kickass girls on the planet today, and killing it on the music scene in their band Hey Violet. Don’t believe us? Check out the interview we did with them here.

I struggled to share a room with my sister growing up, let alone be in the same band… So keep up the good work bros, we wouldn’t survive without your music!

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