Who knew that Fall Out Boy had hung out with so many animals? So many that we’ve had to break this down in to sections. DBU presents: the definitive guide to photos of Fall Out Boy with animals.

Section 1: Hemingway

Hemingway needs no real introduction, but just in case: Hemingway is Pete’s famous pup, who’s had cameos in Fall Out Boy music videos. Most famous for this classic scene in The Take Over, The Break’s Over:

1. Puppy Hemingway + Pete Wentz + Starbucks

The cutest accessory of all time. Is there anything more 2005 than baby Pete wearing a Clandestine hoodie, holding an iced coffee and baby Hemingway? No. This is peak 2005.

2. Puppy Hemingway + Joe Trohman + Andy Hurley

Yeah, Hemingway spent a lot of time around Fall Out Boy. Honestly not sure who is cutest in this photo.

3. Bellyrubs with Joe

The cutest. Honestly. Hemingway is such a gift.

4. Pete carrying Hemingway around a party???

Not entirely sure who brings a puppy to a party, but I wish more people would. Here for this.

5. Pete side-eye’s his pup

I imagine Pete is giving pup the side-eye because he’s obviously too large to still be being carried around. Hemingway remains unconvinced, obviously.

6. Man’s best friend, but also man’s best man

Hemingway 100% stole the show at the Wentz-Simpson wedding, back in 2008.

8. Pete Wentz doesn’t have a dog walker

I made that up, I honestly don’t know if he does or not. But Fall Out Boy did use to take Hemingway out on the road when they went on tour. I assume this is one of those pre-sound check walkies.

9. Hemingway as a pillow

Did you know that Pete Wentz can only sleep if he has a pup to rest his head on? This is 100% true and not made up at all.

10. Squad goals AF

Why do Pete and Hemingway look like they’re about to drop a fire mixtape together? I’m down tbh.

Section 2: Dogs

We’ve covered all things Hemingway, and now cast our eyes over all of the other pups that Fall Out Boy have hung out with as we lament the fact that we, who are not pups, haven’t hung out with Fall Out Boy.

11. Patrick with a very good doggo who is a service dog 


A doggo with a job! I’m so proud! So so proud! What a good doggo!

12. I’m at least 80% sure this isn’t actually Patrick but it looks sort of like him if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little bit

I don’t know what Patrick would be doing showing a dog at KRUFTS but this man has sideburns and a fedora, so there is a slim chance it’s pre-hiatus Patrick.

13. Pete and Patrick play with PUPPIES

I mean, we all died, didn’t we? The cutest thing we have ever seen.

14. Andy and a pupper wearing sunglasses

It’s called fashion, babes. Look it up.

15. This dog is as big as Pete and Patrick


Not a cheap-shot at the height of either of them. Just genuinely amazed at how large that dog is?

16. Joe and this dog are feeling v. similar emotions I think

I honestly have no idea what is going on in this photo. But I feel it on a cellular level. I was going to make a joke about owners looking like their dogs, but am at least 100% certain that this dog isn’t actually Joe’s, and he was just handed it for this photo.

17. A very cute pup, too pure, too good for this world

This looks like the kind of dog that would offer spiritual advice in the form of haikus. I love her.

18. A dog that we collectively think is Joe’s, but have no information about

A very good doggo, 10/10. Loves cuddles. Possibly called Louis. Sometimes referred to as Lucifer?

19. Same doggo, but this time on a SKATEBOARD, WITH JOE

What a life. What a LIFE.

20. This doggo has lots of love to share around though, especially with it’s pal Andy Hurley

Despite appearances, this doggo is loving it’s cuddle with Andy. Trust.

21. I think this is the same doggo but it is very hard to tell. 


Honestly offended that this dog is so non-plussed by being cuddled by Andy that it’s yawning, though.

Section 3: Other animals that aren’t doggos or puppers

22. Daddy wants to see his BIGGEST FANS

Completely ridiculous, but 100% iconic.

23. Pete and a lion cub


King of the emos meets king of the jungle~

24. Joe’s zebra

I put my hand up to be Joe’s official zebra-exerciser any time, honestly.

25. Pete being flirted with by a chimp

Honestly the entire Thnks Fr Th Mmrs video is iconic, but this moment is hands-down the best.

26. Pete shaking hands with his biggest fan

I don’t know why the cheetah looks so highly unimpressed. I’m jealous.

27. The time FOB took a monkey on the red carpet???

2006 was a strange time, my dudes. That’s not even the best part of the story- the monkey bit Shakira. Literally, it bit her. This isn’t even the only time that Fall Out Boy took a monkey to an awards ceremony??? See:

28. Another red carpet, another monkey

I don’t know what to tell you, honestly. No idea.

29. The Youngbloods Chronicles had a few animal cameos. Notably this snake.

Real talk- no idea how Patrick is just lying there taking it. Because I am not down with whatever is going on there. At all.

30. The same snake also got to hang out with Pete

How is everyone just so calm about this????????????

31. Lazy reference to The Phoenix

Can you tell I’m running out of witty things to say? I’m so tired.

Section 4: Australian Wildlife

Look, we’re an Australian publication. So we’re dedicating a section to our wildlife.

32. Patrick having a cute wee cuddle with a sleepy koala


An iconic fashion moment, and an essential Australian experience.

33. Joe also cuddled a koala

This is obviously a very different Fall Out Boy era. But Joe looks good. That blue-steel pose he’s rockin’ while cuddling that koala is what I am here for, and the reason for the existence of this entire list.

34. Pete is not cuddling a koala, but there is a koala in his vicinity

Fun fact! If you come to Australia, it’s against the law to hold a koala in the state of New South Wales, which is where this photo was taken. Which is tragic.

35. Pete got to hold a… Possum? Wombat? 

I don’t know, honestly. Let me know your best guess because I’m not even from Australia and I have no idea, my dudes.

UPDATE: Sarah tells me this is a quokka, and honestly they are the cutest things and I am now obsessed. LOOK AT THEM:

BONUS: 36. Joe with a bunny that looks suspiciously like Pete Wentz


It’s a look~

BONUS NUMBER 2: 37. Patrick cuddling the very rare and endangered Brendon Urie

Since the taking of this photo, the laws have actually changed and it’s now illegal to cuddle Brendon Urie, much like cuddling a koala in New South Wales.

Real talk- biggest of shoutouts to our number homegirl Caitlin who presented us with a solid handful of these in a moment of procrastination. This list only exists because of her legwork. She is wonderful.                       

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