That’s right! In a brand new interview Pete Wentz has revealed that all of the recording for Fall Out Boy‘s new album M A  N   I    A is complete! When asked about the status of the album, Pete revealed for the first time “we’re done recording, officially! Which is pretty awesome. We’re just in the mixing stages now. Now, we’re just mixing and mastering the songs, which is really exciting. This didn’t seem like a place we could get to six months ago. It’s really cool to be here. We finished recording, maybe last week.”

He was also asked about which of the three singles is his favourite so far, stating that he doesn’t really consider two of the three to even be singles at all: “I think only one of those is really supposed to be a single. I think Champion is a good single for alternative radio. But because of the nature of how music is released now, the audience determines whether it’s a single or not. So people really seem to like The Last Of The Real Ones. Of the three, that’s the one that sticks out the most, and is the most similar to the rest of the record”. 

If Last Of The Real Ones is the most like the rest of the record? Jot us down as excited to hear the rest of the album. But if you’re expecting the rest of the album to be in-line with the electronically influenced Young and Menace, Pete’s out here to keep you guessing by revealing “the next song we put out will be less electronic, comparatively, but at the same time the record is called M A  N   I    A so it’s going to feel manic just by nature of what it’s called. I think it’s not all super electronic but maybe it is all pretty aggressive.”

In case you missed it, last week we published the official Don’t Bore Us Halloween Playlist, which naturally features more than one Fall Out Boy song. Turns out that Pete is super on board with all things Halloween, even revealing that it’s his dream to one day run his own Haunted House: “My dream would be to have my own haunted house. I’m definitely not there yet, but that would be like if I could do something every October, it would be to run my own haunted house. So if anyone ever wants to help kick start that dream with me, please feel free”.

And will he be dressing up for their show in Halloween? Well. Maybe. “We always do something that’s a little bit fun around Halloween if we’re playing. So maybe we’ll do something. We’ll have to think about what our dress-up situation will be. I don’t know yet… We’ve gone as Mario brothers, and dressed as Panic! At The Disco one year. We’ve done a couple fun ones”.

Check out a couple of Fall Out Boy’s Halloween costumes below:

fall out boy dressed up in costume as super mario brothers
fall out boy halloween costume dressed as panic at the disco

And one last thing to help you get in the spooky spirit this Halloween? Pete asking if we call Halloween ‘weensie’ in Australia.

We don’t.

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