It’s been less than a week since Fall Out Boy dropped Champion on us, and honestly? We haven’t stopped listening yet. It turns out that maybe part of the reason it’s such a designated hit, is the boys had a little help in writing it…

That’s right- Sia is listed as one of the co-writers in the composer credits for Champion. No word yet on any other co-write or collab features on M A  N   I    A, but we’re excited either way.

This isn’t the first time Sia and Fall Out Boy have come together- back in 2015, Sia asked Pete Wentz to record her acceptance speech for the APRA Music Awards, in her classic wig:

Fall Out Boy is dropping M A  N   I    A on September 15th, and you can pre-order it RIGHT NOW. In the mean time though, keep jamming Champion, because it’s a total bop:

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