Fall Out Boy are notorious for constantly toying with our emotions and fiddling with any sense of stability we may have left – after all, hey, we are the ‘car crash’ hearts. The hype surrounding the release of their impending 7th studio album, M A N I A, is beginning to reach hysterical levels of intensity, so, any drop of news surrounding the release has us on the verge of tears.

Our lil’ emo hearts have been sent into total overdrive yet again, with the Chicago boys taking to the stage in St Louis to debut a spicy new ballad, throwing it back to their intense Folie A Deux sound.

Suss out the epic showdown that is Expensive Mistakes here:

Watch FOB perform ‘Expensive Mistakes’ live in St Louis

The track features bouncy guitars, Patrick’s continually dizzying vocal melodies and, of course, the heart-tugging lyricism we admire about the band – we reckon it could be yet another FOB classic in the making.

Fall Out Boy are currently embarking on the M A N I A tour across the US and, will be bringing their live show down under yet again in March next year. Check out the dates here!

Pete revealed in an interview back in the early weeks of October that the boys had actually finished up the recording of MANIA, in which he also dropped the heat that previously released single The Last Of The Real Ones sounded ‘the most like the rest of the album’.

So if we’ve got an Alt-Pop anthemic banger in The Last Of The Real Ones, Folie A Deux-esque balladry in Expensive Mistakes, and a hefty dosage of experimental electronic beats from Young & Menace, what could this album possibly sound like as an entirety? We’ll have to wait until January to find out.

Until then, listen to our ~essential~ Halloween playlist, with plenty of FOB & Friends. tracks to get you spooked.

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