Those of us eagerly anticipating new music from Gerard Way might not want to hold our breath as it turns out. In a recent interview with Vulture, Gerard has admitted that while he does have a studio and is making music, working on The Umbrella Academy and Doom Patrol are his main thing at the moment.

This isn’t a huge surprise given that only two weeks ago that it was confirmed that Netflix has picked up Gerard’s comic series The Umbrella Academy for a television series on their platform. While the development of the show is still in it’s infancy, Gerard is creatively involved in the project, and this is no doubt taking up quite a chunk of his time.

When questioned as to whether comics had taken over music to be his main thing now, he said “It kind of is. Yeah. I have a studio where I can make music, so I’ve started to do that as well, but this is kind of my main thing. I work on this every day and I write Umbrella Academy and I write Doom Patrol.”

This of course hasn’t closed the door to more music from the enigmatic frontman, but as he is now overseeing an imprint of DC Comics called Young Animal, it’s sadly unlikely we’ll see anything music-related from him for the time being. But the good news is that we’ve got a list of songs that Gerard has sung on that you might have missed. It won’t fill that MCR-shaped hole in your heart, but it’ll give it a really good try.

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