Green Day have named themselves ‘God’s favourite band’, according to a new best-of compilation that is set to arrive next month.

With Green Day celebrating 30 years since their first public performance on Wednesday, the group have now announced a brand new collection of singles. Titled God’s Favorite Band, the record is the band’s first compilation of singles since 2001’s million-selling International Superhits!.

The album contains 22 of the band’s most beloved hits, ranging from 1992′ ‘2000 Light Years Away’, to two new tracks, ‘Back in the USA’, and a new version of 2016’s ‘Ordinary World’, featuring country singer Miranda Lambert. Aiming to serve as a way to unite the band’s singles from their early years, as well as their hugely popular later years, this record is undoubtedly going to be one that won’t be leaving your headphones any time soon.

Of course, if you owned the group’s first best-of compilation, then you’d already have a few of these tunes, though the addition of ‘2000 Light Years Away’ to the start of the comp is a pretty nice touch for all those die-hard fans out there.

In related news though, Green Day’s popularity has been going through the roof lately, thanks in part to the news that the band’s American Idiot musical is returning to Australia, and their recent efforts to help those affected by hurricanes, raising over $100,000 in the process.

While we wait for Green Day’s new God’s Favorite Band compilation to drop on November 17th, check out Billie Joe Armstrong’s recent performance of ‘Ordinary World’ below.

Green Day – ‘God’s Favorite Band’ Tracklist

1. ‘2000 Light Years Away’
2. ‘Longview’
3. ‘Welcome To Paradise’
4. ‘Basket Case’
5. ‘When I Come Around’
6. ‘She’
7. ‘Brain Stew’
8. ‘Hitchin’ A Ride’
9. ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’
10. ‘Minority’
11. ‘Warning’
12. ‘American Idiot’
13. ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’
14. ‘Holiday’
15. ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’
16. ‘Know Your Enemy’
17. ’21 Guns’
18. ‘Oh Love’
19. ‘Bang Bang’
20. ‘Still Breathing’
21. ‘Ordinary World’ (featuring Miranda Lambert)
22. ‘Back in the USA’

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