The only thing better than a b-side is an entire fleet of b-sides. Fortunately Brendon Urie has our back on this. There was once a time where a b-side was an essential part of a single release- I miss those times. REGARDLESS, Panic! at the Disco does bonus tracks unlike any other band. So here’s a guide to every Panic! at the Disco bonus track and b-side, in no particular order except the order in which I remembered they exist.

(For clarity, we’ve left out covers and live versions- these are studio quality ONLY).

1. Stall Me – Vices & Virtues B-Side

Still not entirely sure why this didn’t make it on to the album. It was, however, released as a bonus track on iTunes pre-orders. Real talk- how many copies of Vices did you end up with in order to get all of the bonus tracks? There were SIX OF THEM. Scattered across various iterations and releases of the albums. Unbelievable. But worth every cent.

2. Can’t Fight Against The Youth – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die

OK, so fight me but I think this is one of the best bonus tracks Panic! has released. This bonus track was initially released on the deluxe version of TWTLTRTD in Japan, and the Target version of the album in America (real talk for a second- why does Japan get all of the sick bonus tracks?).

3. C’mon (with FUN.)

Not technically a Panic! bonus track, but worthy of a mention. This one was an official (vinyl) release back in 2011, when FUN. was out on tour supporting Panic! at the Disco. They performed it live a few times on the road, and tbh it’s been six years and this song still doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It’s such a BOP.

4. This Is Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas Special

Emo reached it’s absolute peak in 2006 when Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy were both asked to contribute a cover to a special release of The Nightmare Before Christmas. This song gets a solid work out every year around Halloween much like Mariah Carey’s seminal classic All I Want For Christmas is You does in December.

5. New Perspective 

Panic! recorded this for the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack back in 2009. It’s a great song, and leaves very little to the imagination with such classic lyrics as “I feel the salty waves come in, I feel them crash against my skin”, and the super on the nose “can we fast-forward ’til you go down on me”. Classic Brendon. If you can put aside the sexual connotations (or even if you can’t) this song is hecking brilliant.

6. Bittersweet – Vices & Virtues

This was a bonus track on Vices, but was only available as an iTunes pre-order. A very good incentive tbh. (Thinking to yourself “oh heck, we must have got through all of the Vices bonus tracks by now!”? Heck nope. That album has like 10,000 of them. Saddle up).

7. All The Boys – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die

This one was written by touring-bassist Dallon Weekes (who we all adore, amiright?). It was released as a b-side on the Nicotine EP and gets nowhere near the attention and acclaim that it deserves. It’s so good.

8. Oh, Glory – Vices & Virtues

This one was released as a ‘demo’, and bonus track on the deluxe version of the Vices album. For a demo, it sounds pretty damn fantastic (why is it that demos usually sound like they were recorded on a toaster? Honestly.). Would love to see what a non-demo version of Oh, Glory would sound like tbh. Hint hint, Brendon…

9. Mercenary – Batman: Arkham City

Did you know that Panic! wrote and released a song for the Batman soundtrack? No? It’s one of the lesser-known ones, don’t feel bad. This one was dropped in 2011 with not a whole heck of a lot of fanfare, but definitely continues to be a fan favourite (read: my favourite).

10. Kaleidoscope Eyes – Vices & Virtues

Another Vices bonus track? Yeah, and this isn’t even the last one. Kaleidoscope Eyes is fantastic for the nonsense-poetry lyrics like “I’m just a white bloodcell, fighting like hell for you”, like? Seriously? Obsessed. This was an exclusive bonus track on all copies of Vices that were pre-ordered through Shock Hound. Also, wait beyond the end of the song to hear Brendon do a maniacal laugh. It’s brilliant.

11. Turn Off The Lights – Vices & Virtues

You guessed it, another Vices bonus track. This one was the exclusive bonus track on the Target version of the album. OK so I take back everything I’ve said up to this point because as I listen to this again, it’s obvious to me that this is the best Panic! bonus track. Fight me.

12. I Wanna Be Free – Vices & Virtues

I’m running out of things to say about Vices bonus tracks. It was an iTunes pre-order exclusive. I don’t know what you want from me. There’s so many of them. Send help.

13. It’s Almost Halloween 

2008 was a super strange time. Panic! just dropped this video one day without any real context, except that Halloween was a few days away. This is a classic, and needs a mention if only for baby Ryan Ross and Brendon sharing vocals, in costumes, in the woods????

UPDATE: Zack Hall has dropped some knowledge on us about this song

BONUS: 14. First Try – ????

I know I said this list was for studio-quality covers only, but I had to include this. This pre-dates any Panic! album, and is an original (??) Brendon Urie song. It’s so precious. Adorable. Worthy of a mention.

ANOTHER BONUS: 15. Untitled, Unreleased Track

OK so I know I said studio quality only. But this one deserves a moment. This was accidentally added to the playlist by Zack Hall (who we love), and was played during the House of Memories museum sessions on the Death of a Bachelor Tour this year. This is a song that ALMOST made it on to the album, but didn’t. Which begs the question- how many unreleased Panic! songs does Zack have on his iPod?

UPDATE: Zack is teasing that he might leak some more unreleased Panic! tracks at the next House of Memories. I guess this list is now Zack Hall Approved™

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