It honestly defies belief, but Paramore’s debut record, All We Know Is Falling, turned twelve years old this week. While you’re recovering from that shock, here’s another; Hayley Williams decided to mark the joyous occasion by releasing an unreleased Paramore track called ‘Temporary’.

Hayley Williams took to Twitter just a couple of days ago to mark the twelfth anniversary of their debut by digging into the archives and pulling up a performance of ‘Temporary’, which had been sitting on YouTube for twelve years with a minimal amount of views.

“Because All We Know Is Falling is 12: Here’s one of my favourite videos/songs from those days… ‘Temporary’,” she wrote “Never officially released.”

While ‘Temporary’ saw a few performances in the band’s formative years, there have been no official studio versions of the track that have ever been released. So if you want to get a taste of Paramore’s early days, you’re probably going to have to set your time machine to head back to 2006 and watch this performance live, or check out the band’s performance of ‘Temporary’ below on YouTube. (The second option is the easiest one, so stick with that.)

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