DCD2 Records. Even the name is an enigma. What we know about it is minimal (it’s the second iteration of Pete Wentz’ label Decaydance, is a subsidiary label of Fueled By Ramen, and is the home of Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy).

Well known for their spicy memes, it has long been assumed by fans everywhere that the person behind the DCD2 Records twitter and instagram accounts is none other than Mr Wentz himself. Could it be that Pete ‘dad-jokes’ Wentz is using the label socials as a shitposting platform? To test out quality meme content? Don’t Bore Us investigated. And by investigated, we mean we literally just asked to interview whoever is behind it, and peek behind the curtain. Fortunately for us, they were happy to oblige, under a couple of conditions:

-That the interview happen over DM on twitter.

-That the person can remain anonymous.

What follows is a transcript of our conversation- with screenshots and memes included. 

Let’s start it off with an easy one, what’s your job title?

Haha well, somewhere between A&R, social media, and label management. I only say it like that because there are different people who do things that overlap in all those areas.

How long have you been in the role for?

Just over a year. The social media aspect didn’t kick in till 4-5 months ago

In your role, who do you report to?

In terms of finding new artists it’s mostly Pete and I. But for the current artists, we work with multiple other labels, Atlantic, Island, FBR etc. We also work hand in hand with Crush Management for a lot of artists.

(So while we don’t know who this is, they answered ‘Pete and I’, so we’re pretty convinced it isn’t Pete)

So you have a lot of bosses is what I’m hearing…

Haha, well, Pete would be the short answer. Any disobedience related issues, he’ll give me a demerit. If I get too many I have detention

OOOOH spicy- regarding the demerits though, what have you been pulled up on?! I can only think of one deleted tweet which was the ‘after listening to the Fall Out Boy purple album once’ meme when everyone was freaking out over the teaser trailer.

Well, I was reading that this singer SZA, she was working on her album but was never satisfied, never finished, so her label basically took her hard drive and made her put out the album. I thought I could go all Danny Ocean and do that with FOB. They saw through it pretty quickly. Also they don’t let me near anything too important anyway, which is smart. A little overzealous on my part

HAHA big mood.

Can you walk me through what a standard day of work looks like for you?

Yeah sure… So, my day goes between listening to new music, and perusing social media. When I get tired of one, I move to the other. So I have my different sites, blogs, playlists I like to go through, and the number of outlets has built up over the year, I may have to hold an annual purge to keep it under control. Its so easy to record/create music, which is a fantastic thing, but it also makes wading through haystack a little crazier.

Screenshot of dm with DCD2 records 1

Look at your boss as you answer these v serious questions lmao

So yeah, a good amount has been from me. But sometimes I’ll go to the fan tumblrs etc and see some stuff they’ve made. Its a rabbit hole for sure, but there are some really funny people out there. But yeah, a few months ago Pete and I talked about wanting to have a voice/perspective that people would actually want to follow. Not just a car salesman saying hey buy this, buy this every other week. So, its been a lot of fun, cause I haven’t had to go into a character or anything, but the layer of anonymity is fun.

Do artists on the DCD2 roster ever pop on the twitter and post content, or are you the only one who ever posts?

So far its been me, but now that we’re having fun with it, and some fans seem to like it, we might start doing that.

Definitely do that. But with the anonymity of the account, would we ever even know? Probably not.

Yeah if they ever need to go crazy, Ill just give them the account password.

Last serious question before we hit the fun stuff.

This is great

 Is Taylor Swift low key shading the N Korea sanctions with her new album cover!?

Hahaha well I was online and seeing these in depth GoT level fan theories about an album cover that had been out 5 min haha, but for I think she is. Its like suuuuper subtle, but the clues are there.

This is my chemtrails.

My flat earth theory.

Taylor Swift conspiracy theory: confirmed

Not too many good Kim Jong Un gifs fyi

Screenshot of dm with DCD2 records 2

Yup. Go.

Have you considered making your own set of emojis a-la Kimoji?

I haven’t, I’m sure I’ll stay up for hours tonight doing it.

Can you confirm or deny if it’s always Brendon Urie in the llama costume in all of the Fall Out Boy videos?

No comment. I learned that on Law and Order.

You’re pleading the 5th to avoid self-incrimination? Fascinating. Your silence speaks volumes.

Listen I’ve gotten some serious heat on me, if I rat I won’t be making it home.

We can protect you. We have systems in place to protect you. Just be honest with us, kid. If you’re honest, we can help.

They say that to EVERYONE when we all know thats not true. Stabler knows it’s not true, Mariska Hargety knows it’s not true. But that show has up’d my usage of the word heinous.

Literally same. My text tone is the ‘DUN DUN’.

No way! Swear to god so is mine, I had to make it cause I couldn’t find it as a tone.


Screenshot of dm with DCD2 records 3

Ok v important: Something we at Don’t Bore Us are very passionate about is the emo resurgence. Do you feel you have a role to play in Making Emo Great Again™?

Haha I wasn’t fully aware of the MEGA [Make Emo Great Again] trademark. But I think it’s something that we have a personal relationship with, and are always trying to find what a new incarnation of that looks like. It’s a pretty extensive genre if look beyond just the few bands that were at the hight of the mainstream success. So it’s been crazy to see the inspiration of those bands, as well as the slightly older bands make their way back into current music.

It seems like emo is low-key losing the negative perceptions. It’s cool to be emo now. I literally went to an emo nite party last week and people thought I was cool. If only my high school peers could see me now.

Haha definitely, some of the young artists I’ve talked to, like 21 and younger, just think of FOB and Panic! as big rock bands. They were like 9 when those first records came out, so the stigma was never personal.

Totally! and they’ve managed to miss the embarrassingly tight pants phase. I envy them.

As we all know, the holy emo trinity consists of Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco and My Chemical Romance. If one more band was to be added in order to make it the Emo Quartet, should that be Twenty One Pilots or Paramore and why? This one is a wee bit controversial, so tread lightly my dude

Screenshot of dm with DCD2 records 4

OK last few questions.


What do I have to do to get one of those sick pink and purple Decaydance sweatshirts Pete has been wearing lately?

Thats a good question. So, he had those made from a friend who does this great cut and sew, interesting stitching, stuff. but down the road we wanna put out some versions that would be a little less custom, more affordable.

It’s super sick. I’m obsessed.

It’s been a minute since Decaydance was used, so I think the younger fans think its a streetwear brand or something.

I keep forgetting how old I am in the context of this group of fans lmao

Haha n’aw thats inevitable when bands put out records at 17.

That’s true~ now the band that was my high school soundtrack is the high school soundtrack to kids 12 years younger than me haha

I just always remember that Jared Leto is 45 and I feel great.

HAHAHA! Side not though, how is he 45? I feel like he’s looked the exact same for the past 10 years. Unbelievable.

Oh for sure, thats not a shot at him, just when I first looked it up my mind was blown.

Big mood. Honestly. Huge. Biggest mood.

Pharell and Leto drinking the blood of toddlers I guess.

If that’s what it takes though? I’m lowkey down.

That’s the rumour around Hollywood.

Sweet, I’ll run that as a story from ‘an unnamed source, on the inside of the music industry’

Actually thats not the rumor, but now its the rumor

We’re starting the rumor

This is a question from one of our kids: “when will you be releasing the retro Decaydance merch? Everyone is waiting.”

So, we had the idea, but didn’t know if anyone would care. But Pete just started wearing that stuff. So now I think we’re going to put out a couple items that are somewhat simple, and then ideally move on to more elaborate if fans like it.

So coming soon is what i’m hearing. yes good.

We have the initial designs finished

Oh wow! So v soon.

One last question. I know we agreed to keep this anonymous, but our audience wants to know, and this is your chance to formally confirm or deny. Are you literally Pete Wentz?

Haha no. Very reasonable theory. But in time you’ll see.

Woah. Controversial.

Fundamentally, we’re no closer to working out who the person behind DCD2 Records is. But one thing is for certain: they’re the coolest person in music. And you can quote me on that.

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