I think we can all agree that this year’s MTV VMA’s were strange, to say the least. What with a fake baby vomiting on Katy Perry (yes, really), Fifth Harmony throwing shade and a fake Camilla Cabello off stage (yes, really) there was hardly any time for the actual awards.

Amongst the strangeness, bizarre interpretive dancing and an appearance by Fall Out Boy and their llamas though? An incredibly touching moment from Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto, who took a moment to honour the late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

Leto gave his thoughts on the beloved singer, who died of suicide last month at 41 years of age, as he introduced footage of the band’s live version of ‘The Catalyst’ at the 2010 VMAs,  with Jared having played with Linkin Park on their 2014 ‘Carnivores’ tour.

“Chester was my friend,” Jared began, “as he was to so many, and witnessing his life taught me important things, especially about working relentlessly, pursuing dreams, and being kind and caring while doing it.

“When I think about him, Chester, I see his face, which was always smiling. I think about his heart, which he wore on his sleeve. And I remember his voice, at once ferocious and delicate. That voice will live forever.”

“You are not alone,” Jared concluded, reaching out to anyone who may be suffering with mental illness. “There is always a way forward.”

Linkin Park have themselves announced a special tribute event for fans to pay their respects to Chester, and are planning a gathering in Los Angeles some time in the near future. The band also made it clear that they may continue on without their iconic frontman.

“The five of us are so grateful for all of your support as we heal and build the future of Linkin Park,” the band told fans on social media. “We are working on a special public event in Los Angeles to honor Chester’s memory and look forward to sharing details with you soon.”

Chester Bennington was laid to rest in a private, music-themed ceremony several weeks ago, and leaves behind a wife and six children.

Watch Jared Leto’s speech below:

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