It’s like Kat Von D knows our unconscious, innermost thoughts. Did we know that what we wanted more than anything was a makeup collaboration between Green Day‘s Billy Joe Armstrong and Kat Von D? No. But she knew. And she’s making our dreams come true.

In a series of social media posts, Kat and Billie have been teasing that they’re in the final stages of preparing to release their beauty collab. And in a classical pseudo-emo fashion, the product is going to be an eyeliner aptly called Basket Case.

Check out Kat Von D’s insta stories below for a sneak peek at Basket Case:

close up photo of eyeliner saying 'Billy' and 'Basket Case' in silver writing
Kat Von D and Billie Joe Armstrong handcuffed together photoshoot ono yellow and pink background
Billie Joe Armstrong having makeup applied at photoshoot with Kat Von D

As yet there’s no official announcement of when we can expect Basket Case to be hitting shelves, and rimming our eyes. Stay tuned for more info as we get it!

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