Ariana Grande
ICC Sydney Theatre: Friday September 8

Pass me a pair of black bunny ears, tie my hair in a high ponytail and call me an Arianator… after Ariana Grande’s epic Sydney performance, I’m officially a fan.

Playing to a sold out crowd at Sydney’s ICC Theatre, I was quick to realise Ariana is all about the high things in life… High notes, high energy and high heels, that, to be honest I would struggle to walk in, let alone run in for two hours.

I’m going to be honest, few artists are able to sound better live vocally than on a produced track. No recording will ever give justice to Ariana’s voice. That goes for you as well Sam Smith and Adele. While she was absolutely belting out ‘One Last Time’, I had goosebumps. I looked to the left of me, which was a whole row of media, and their jaws were all dropped (arguably the toughest critics because they aren’t always necessarily fans… enough said.)

If Justin Bieber dialled in his performance this year in Sydney, Ariana did the complete opposite. She’s a performer and it’s apparent how much she belongs on the stage. The show started with ‘Be Alright’, and set the energetic tone for what was to come. She smashed out all of her hits from ‘Problem’ to ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Into You.’ Similar to the music vid, while performing ‘Side to Side’ she was on an exercise bike, AND STILL HITTING EVERY NOTE!!

I’ve only welled up once at a concert, Paramore, when Hayley Williams performed ‘The Only Exception’… the song is very real for me. My heart physically hurt and I was trying, unsuccessfully, to fight back the tears when she dedicated ‘Over the Rainbow’ to those who lost their lives in the Manchester attack following her concert. It’s moments like these you realise the power and beauty of music. To a silent crowd the lyrics were hitting hard…

Someday I’ll wish upon a star/ Wake up where the clouds are far behind me/ Where trouble melts like lemon drops/ High above the chimney top/ That’s where you’ll find me.

A couple of years back when I interviewed the popstar, I was told not to compare her to Mariah Carey. Well, I’m doing it. I’ve seen them both live and Ariana wins the round. So it goes without saying, this pocket rocket delivers a GRANDE performance 😉

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