With Confidence

Supported by WSTR and Seaway

Factory Theatre, Friday August 18

The Factory overflowed with boyish charm from the moment the supports took the stage. WSTR, hailing from the UK, brought anthem-sized hooks and energy to the Aussie pop-punk scene. Seaway had a few less smiles to share than the acts that bookended them, but brought a level of ferocity in their performance that kept the blood pumping.

seaway live in sydney

Sydney’s home-grown pop-punkers With Confidence proudly showed that they’ll never forget where they came from, selling out an all-ages show at the Factory Theatre. Nestled squarely in the middle of the mostly underage crowd, with its awkward little circle pits, you could feel the full scope of the bands impact on teenagers and teens-at-heart alike.

For the first time, the band played as a five-piece. Vocalist/bassist Jayden Seeley was notably bass-less owing to a fractured hand, but had no issue adapting and proved a lively front-man. It wasn’t hard to distinguish his temporary replacement on bass, who struggled to keep up with the animated performances of the two explosive guitarists on either side of him. Lead guitarist Luke Rockets could not be held down in one spot for more than two seconds – trying to keep an eye on him made his audience look like cats trying to catch laser pointers.

The setlist itself was a nice mix of fan favourites from their adored debut EP Youth, to less battle-tested material including a newly released B-side ‘Poison’ – an undeniable highlight.

It’s admirable to see these bona fide rockstars give 100% to the show. Whether they’re achieving their ultimate career goal playing on Warped Tour, or playing at a venue they’ve grown up in, With Confidence don’t know how to give an underwhelming performance.

with confidence live in sydney

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