Aussie singer Muki is said to be Australia’s answer to Charli XCX and we were lucky enough to have a chat with her about new music and what’s to come next!

Hello Muki, How are you going today?

Good! I am about to fly out to Melbourne later today, so I am feeling excited about that. I am currently on tour with Client Liaison, so we are heading to Melbourne for that leg of the tour, and I have managed to fit in a few writing sessions too. So it’s going to be good!

Who are you working with there?

I’m working on a couple things some which are top secret. But I’m in a session with Styalz tomorrow.

It seems like you have been quite busy since releasing Sassaparilla, give us an update of what has been happening?

The Client Liaison tour is my first national tour across the country, so that’s crazy! I have been making a music video and I have been doing HEAPS of writing! It’s been a few busy months.

We saw the video, it’s amazing.

Thank you. I am so excited to finally get it out. It was so fun making it.

A lot of people have been wondering how you came up with the idea of Sassaparilla?

I actually had a friend text me one day saying that I should write a song about sassaparilla, like sarsaparilla but with sass, and I took that idea and wrote the song.

What does Muki mean?

Muki was a nickname that my family gave me when I was little, since before I can remember my family have called me Muki.

Who are you inspired by as an artist?

I am inspired by so many different artists, NAO, BANKS, SOPHIE, Santigold, MIA , the Spice Girls!!! Oh my gosh I love them so much! I grew up listening to their music, and they taught me from such an early age about girl power, and I definitely channel that in my music.

If you were a Spice Girl which one would you be?

I feel like I would be a mixture between Posh Spice, she has so much sass, and Baby Spice…

A lot of people have compared you to Charli XCX, is she someone you are inspired by?

Definitely! As a pop artist Charli XCX is really breaking some new ground! It’s not really a surprise to me that we have been influenced by the same things, like Spice Girls. It isn’t a conscious thing I am doing, but I understand that some of our messaging is similar. I don’t mind being compared to her, she is a total badass. I love it.

You often have strong female themes in your songs, is this intentional?

It isn’t really that intentional. Because I am a bit sassy and probably a bit confrontational, I write out of a place of my understanding of situations, and that’s why those themes are often in my music. I want to empower people as well through my music to be different and to be themselves, and to think of themselves as queens (or kings) because we all are in our own right.

You mentioned you were on the Client Liaison tour! Those are fairly big shows for a new artist! Are you nervous? What do you do to prepare for your shows?

I am a little nervous! It was so funny because my whole family got sick two weeks out from tour kicking off! So I was desperately trying to not get sick before the tour, and I was drinking excessive amounts of vitamin c. I also was rehearsing with my MD Tasker, and making sure that I had all the gear that I needed. The Client Liaison boys are such amazing performers, so I am mostly excited to be apart of the tour. It is such an amazing opportunity.

On your Instagram bio it says you like ice cream… what is your favourite ice cream?

Mmmm that’s soooo hard! If I was to choose one from the Paddlepop range, it would be banana… no haters please!

What’s next for MUKI?

I am on tour with Client Liaison for the next month. I also have a new track that’s being mastered at the moment called ‘Friends Don’t Make Out’ I can’t wait to release it.  #FDMO

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