Back in May, Canadian band Seaway had most of their gear stolen while they were recording their new album in Los Angeles. But it appears that the band have some friends in high places, or at the very least, some friends in Wrexham, Wales.

After Seaway had their gear stolen in May, the band attempted to raise funds so they could buy new equipment. The band even sold shirts that rather bluntly reminded everyone that “Everything is not cool man.”

Now, a few months after the fact, Welsh band Neck Deep have come to the rescue, supplying the Canadian group with some brand new hardware. Taking to Instagram today, Seaway posted an image of a couple of Orange amps, one of which had a message taped to it that read “To Patrick. Try not to get this stolen. Love, Neck Deep.”

The post’s caption simply reads “Massive thanks to our boys in Neck Deep for hookin us up with some new rigs and our boys in Counterparts for bringing them home for us! We’ll do our best to not get them stolen.”

Most Aussie fans of Seaway would have been lucky enough to catch the group when they recently hit up our shores on With Confidence’s most recent tour. If you were unlucky enough to miss out though, we’re pretty sure that now the band are all geared up again, they’ll want to come and visit all their fans and show off their new equipment. So fingers crossed they make they way back to Australia real soon!

Check out Seaway’s most recent single, ‘Something Wonderful’, below.

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