New Politics have announced the release of their new album Lost In Translation, which is set to drop at the start of October.

We wrote about New Politics back in May, and we’ve honestly just gotten even more excited about their new record as the days have gone by. Now, with an official announcement finally being made, our hype levels are going into overdrive. Released on October 6th, through Pete Wentz’ label DCD2 Records, the new record is undoubtedly going to be absolutely huge.

Lost In Translation represents a new phase in our lives,” the group said in a statement. “After years of constant touring, it was important to us that we reinvent ourselves, and wanted to write honest songs about the real things happening in our lives. We spent a lot of quality time together in-between albums as friends, watching movies, hanging out, and talking about our future plans. That brotherly love and bonding initiated the first batch of songs that has helped us shape the album.”

“A lot of the songs are about personal experiences and the things every human goes through and it was nice to let go of the rules we had laid out for ourselves. It’s a new era for all of us, and we’re proud of how it’s turned out. Lost In Translation means that we’re all searching for something, whether it’s a voice, meaning, a place where we belong; we all face our own challenges. This is about shaping your reality and trying to make sense of the journey along the way.”

Lost In Translation is out October 6th, but in the meantime, check out ‘CIA’ below.

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