Real talk. When Yellowcard called it quits earlier this year, we were heartbroken. So heartbroken that we tried to feed Josh and Ryan from Yellowcard to some sharks, out of spite (mostly true story- we did take them shark diving in Sydney).

While it’s been a rough couple of months in mourning (sorry to everyone who has had to listen to Ocean Avenue on repeat whenever they’re around me), a light- at the end of the tunnel! Today on twitter, the (former) Yellowcard frontman announced that he’s making his own record?!

He just dropped it so casually too? As if it wasn’t the biggest news in the scene today? I mean, we don’t have many details yet. But we’ll keep you up to date as this story develops.

Also, because Ryan is doing The Mostâ„¢ since Yellowcard called it quits, he’s also written a comic for Marvel, called Edge of Venomverse #4. A tentative look at the artwork is below.

Also, if like us you totally miss Yellowcard, jam some Ocean Avenue. Just do it.

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