We’re still pretty shook by the fact that we’ve received not one, but two new singles from Sleeping With Sirens over the last month, but now things have just gotten even better with the group releasing their newest single ‘Cheers’.

The third single from the group’s upcoming fifth album, Gossip, ‘Cheers’ is brilliant track that feels uplifting, positive, and promotes the idea of being yourself and doing your own thing. With chorus that shouts “You say hey, let’s cheers to this,” we wonder if the group are trying to make a reference to their second album, 2011’s Let’s Cheers To This.

Maybe it means they’re going back to their roots with some of the tracks on the new album, or maybe it’s all just coming full circle. Either way, we’re probably going to have to wait another month until the album drops and we can say for sure.

Sleeping With Sirens’ Gossip is set to be released on September 22nd. Until then, check out the brilliance that is ‘Cheers’ below.

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