Hometown heroes and bona fide sweet angels Stand Atlantic have just dropped their highly anticipated EP Sidewinder. The result, a fervent and assured pièce de résistance that establishes their status as one of the most exciting pop punk acts in Australia.

The three piece, compromised of absolute homies Bonnie Fraser, David Potter and Jonno Panichi have been making waves in the local scene for quite some time. This EP is a triumphant journey that explores the trials and tribulations of relationships. Sidewinder will simultaneously break your heart and make you want to fist pump the air à la The Breakfast Club.

On the title track, the band’s vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser says, “Sidewinder was written as a reminder that if you love someone, it’s important to acknowledge and accept differences between each other. Never compromise who you are, just to try and change something you can’t.”

Grab the EP here!


1. Sidewinder

2. Mess I Made

3. Push

4. Coffee at Midnight

5. Chemicals

We're excited to FINALLY release our EP "Sidewinder" via Rude Records. The EP is available worldwide…

Posted by Stand Atlantic onThursday, 14 September 2017

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