In case you missed it, Taylor Swift has been in court over the last week, following an alleged groping incident during a meet and greet before a gig in 2013. Now, the case has been dismissed, but Taylor Swift’s amazing comebacks during the trial will live on.

Back in 2013, a radio DJ named David Mueller allegedly groped Taylor Swift’s rear. After initially keeping quiet about it, she told someone, which resulted in Mueller getting fired. He then sued Swift in 2015, claiming that due to this firing, he has been unable to get work. Taylor soon countersued, requesting a jury trial. Now, the case has been dismissed after it could not be determined if Taylor actually set out to get him fired.

During the trial though, Taylor was forever coming back with some amazing responses, including refusing to call the opposition lawyer Gabe McFarland “sir”. Basically, she was an absolute legend, so let’s take a look back at some of the amazing responses she came up with, most of which have been compiled thanks to the folks over at Vulture.

After the incident allegedly happened, Taylor continued the meet and greet, in hopes as to not alarm other fans. The opposition lawyer stated that if Taylor was truly as distressed as she claimed, she should have taken a break. Of course, Taylor fired back “And your client could have taken a normal photo with me.” The same lawyer also criticised Taylor’s bodyguard for not protecting her. Taylor shot back by saying that he wasn’t the alleged perpetrator, stating “I’m critical of your client sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my ass.”

McFarland showed Taylor an image of the incident, saying how it doesn’t look like there was anything untoward happening. Of course, Taylor’s response was simple and eloquent. “Gabe, this is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt, with his hand on my ass,” she said. “You can ask me a million questions – I’m never going to say anything different. I never have said anything different.” When McFarland asked then why the front of her skirt didn’t show any indication that he was grabbing her, Taylor responded by saying simply “Because my ass is located in the back of my body.”

Taylor also managed to shoot down any accusations that it was her fault that Mueller lost his job as a result of the alleged incident. “I’m not going to allow you or your client make me feel in any way that this is my fault,” she said. “Here we are years later, and I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are the product of his decisions – not mine.”

One of Swift’s finest moments though came when she explained why no one else saw Mueller allegedly grabbing her rear: “The only person who would have a direct eye line is someone laying underneath my skirt and we didn’t have anyone positioned there.” Brutal.

If you ever needed any proof that Taylor Swift is the Queen of The Comeback, we only need to look back at this trial. While we’re so glad that this whole issue is now resolved, with Taylor not being blamed by the court for all of this, it’s absolutely ridiculous that this ever had to go to trial.

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