We need to talk about the fact that Japan gets all of the bonus tracks on albums. It’s becoming a huge problem for us, because we live in not Japan.

As we all know, last week All Time Low dropped what we are tentatively calling the album of the year. Last Young Renegade is an obvious masterpiece. So imagine our surprise when we found out that in Japan, Last Young Renegade was longer than it was everywhere else in the world?! That’s right. The curse of the Japanese bonus tracks strikes again. Fortunately for us though, a Japanese All Time Low fan has come through clutch for us, and has shared the amazing bonus tracks Chemistry and Vampire Shift from Last Young Renegade. Give them a listen below:

And now, a heartfelt plea to all of the bands that we love (including All Time Low): please can we have a global release for bonus tracks? Please? Sincerely, everyone who lives outside of Japan.

You can listen to Last Young Renegade here:

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