Being a stan of Twenty-One Pilots is not a hard thing. In fact, it comes naturally to all of us. Especially when the boys are pretty much freaking hysterical all the time. And hey, nothing wrong with a boy who keeps us laughing? Here’s a list of the dumbest, most hilarious times our boys have managed to have had captured on film. You’re damn welcome.

#10: When Tyler was attacked by a bird and bravely fought it off like the conquistador he is:

#9: When the boys absolutely failed at Speech Jammer.

#8: When they both just got real nice and cosy every freaking time.

#7: When Josh showed his creative side:

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#6: When the boys German-ed it up. Shakespeare-style

#5: When Josh schooled a Pomeranian on a green-screen with wise advice from his Grandpa

#4: This incredible magnum opus about Mexico City.

#3: When Josh’s dressing room got Nana’d by Tyler. Poor guy

#2: Just, their whole debate. You know the one.

#1: And finally, their No-Panted, Grammy’s speech to end all speeches. Dear lord do not put those pants back on.

Keep us laughing boys… we need it to face this cold, cold world.

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