We have no idea what is going on, but the band has been periodically changing their headers and display pictures on their social media for the past few hours, and posting cryptic backwards lyrics on twitter. The pictures seem to depict an eye, which with every passing picture appears to be closing (thinly veiled joke referencing this being an… ode to sleep). This cryptic tweeting has confused Twenty One Pilots fans who, after the band performed their final Tour de Columbus show, were certain that the band was going to be taking a long and well deserved break.

We don’t know a lot, but this is everything we know, so far:

1. 2:30am, 7 July (Eastern Australian Time):

2. 7am, 7 July (Eastern Australian Time):

3. 9:45am, 7 July (Eastern Australian Time):

4. 10:45am, 7 July (Eastern Australian Time):

5. 11:15am, 7 July (Eastern Australian Time):

6. 12pm, 7 July (Eastern Australian Time):

So here’s where we’re at. The band have posted lyrics from the following songs, in order: Polarize, Oh Ms. BelieverSlowtownTruceKitchen SinkMessage Man and Car Radio. 

There are a number of conspiracy theories around what this means, the most compelling of which is that the first letter of each song title is representative of a secret message (which as we get more info, we realise isn’t for real):

P – Polarize

O – Oh, Ms. Believer

S – Slowtown

T – Truce

K- Kitchen Sink

M- Message Man

C- Car Radio

Notable features in the pictures: there’s no ø’s anymore, following the Car Radio picture which were previously a staple in the Blurryface era. The band has also removed the ø from their social media names.

The final picture of car radio features this, which many fans are interpreting as Blurryface being over, and that Tyler has won:

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